From responding to new payment and delivery requirements to establishing programs that will preserve or improve your organization’s competitive advantage, crankfrog understands the fast-paced and ever-changing healthcare industry. We provide the operational and technological support you need to be dynamic and responsive to any change the industry sends your way.

crankfrog’s targeted approach to transformation management ensures a thorough understanding of your organization and program and management structures, organizational goals and strategies, operational and technological resources, and other key factors that are unique to your business. Based on that complete picture, we design and execute a phased transformation that minimizes disruption to ongoing operations.

Program Mobilization & Management

We support the planning and execution of critical initiatives and implementations, helping to prepare you for the changes and effort to come. Our team works with key stakeholders across your organization to support all required activities from initial planning to post-implementation phases. This comprehensive approach helps you anticipate risks and ensures your transformation activities are successful.

Requirements Development & Analysis

We perform analyses to develop clear and complete requirements and associated functional design. We help you better understand the regulatory and business forces impacting your organization, and create actionable strategies. Our team is experienced in program and systems requirements synthesis, and leverages that expertise to outline the necessary steps for achieving your vision.

Operations & Technology Transition Management

We have extensive experience in systems design, implementation, and operational support. Whether your organization is looking to improve current tools and processes or transition to a new platform, we deliver a comprehensive operational toolkit that supports your vision using current state assessments, future state design, gap analyses and strategic planning.

Frogs have stepped in to fill interim roles during times of transition, helping organizations address operational issues. We work with your existing team to identify challenges and develop immediate and longer-term solutions.