We acknowledge the complexity in navigating potential partnerships, acquisitions and mergers. crankfrog offers in-depth opportunity analysis and strategic guidance to identify the best options for you.

Our team of established healthcare industry experts offers a holistic approach to due diligence and opportunity analysis. Once a decision to move forward has been made, we act as a catalyst for reaching mutually beneficial agreements and quickly focusing on the tasks of post-merger integration.

Due Diligence

Mergers, acquisitions, and investments are risky endeavors, and it is impossible that an investor or acquirer would know everything about a potential prospect before committing. Our due diligence helps validate investment hypotheses and improve clarity about a company’s prospects. We conduct strategic interviews, analyze secondary data sources, review the target’s systems and processes, and leverage our extensive internal knowledge base to recommend a course of action.

Most importantly, we focus specifically on what you need to know before making a crucial decision. We offer unbiased, data-driven advice to help you make sound choices.

Post Transaction and Affiliate Integration Strategy

Merger and acquisition activity in the healthcare industry continues to escalate. As such, this work is often an important piece of business plan and growth strategies. Once the transaction is complete or affiliate relationship is in place, we find many organzations still struggle with what comes next. crankfrog can help with:

  • Managing technical integration
  • Designing consolidated and shared services
  • Enabling affiliate strategy and information sharing
  • Creating replicable and scalable processes