Managing Vendor Selection to Build a Streamlined Provider Data Solution

The Challenge

A national consortium of health plans was in the planning stage of developing a primary source verification solution to support the health plan provider credentialing process. To do so, the organization had to define what was needed and select the most effective operations and technology vendors to support development, launch, and operations of the solution. crankfrog was engaged to conduct the end-to-end vendor selection process.

Our Approach

To guide a thorough vendor selection process, crankfrog began by engaging the organization’s key stakeholders, including product, technology, and operations staff, to inform requirements definition. This resulted in the development of concise functional and non-functional requirements for the solution, as well as service specifications. We then conducted a market scan to identify and select potential vendors to receive a Request for Proposals (RFP). Based on the solution requirements, we drafted and issued an RFP to the selected vendors.  Then, using a structured evaluation model, we evaluated the business, technical, and financial proposals of each vendor. Ultimately, crankfrog presented the client organization with a recommended vendor selection.  



Through detailed requirements definition and a structured proposal evaluation process, crankfrog identified the most effective vendor partnership for the client. The proposal and evaluation process ensured the selected vendor was the most capable to support the solution development and operational requirements. Crankfrog ultimately positioned the organization to execute a contract with the vendor and mobilize for solution development quickly.