Expanding an Organization’s Product Portfolio with a National Provider Credentialing Service

The Challenge

A national non-profit organization wanted to expand its portfolio of initiatives in the market but needed to gain consensus among its Board members, who represented national and regional health plans across the country. With a long list of potential opportunities, each with different attractiveness and risk profiles, the organization engaged crankfrog to strategically identify the market opportunity that would best continue its mission of creating industry-wide solutions in healthcare.

Our Approach

crankfrog facilitated a strategic planning process for the organization’s Board of Directors to assess the various market opportunities. Through this process, and with supplemental research gathered by crankfrog, the Board determined that what plans needed most was a solution for the inefficiencies in the provider credentialing process. With approval to execute on the idea, crankfrog developed a solution concept for a product that would leverage economies of scale across the industry, increase accuracy and completeness of credentialed providers, and reduce credentialing timelines.

crankfrog then conducted interviews with health plan credentialing stakeholders to validate design assumptions for the operational processes and credentialing rules that would be supported by the product. crankfrog subsequently led the sourcing process to select the appropriate delivery partner for a provider credentialing product. crankfrog also developed a comprehensive plan and coordinated launch activities for the organization to ultimately establish a national credentialing service that would reduce costs, improve quality, and shorten turnaround times for the industry.


The credentialing product and supporting services are on track to be the largest provider credentialing solution in the country by the end of 2017. crankfrog fully transitioned ownership and management activities to the organization’s internal staff within six months of the initial launch.