Designing and Facilitating an Industry-Wide Workgroup

The Challenge

A national not-for-profit organization wanted to convene subject matter experts from its member health plans to advise on strategic and technical issues pertaining to its mission of reducing common administrative costs through industry-level solutions. crankfrog was engaged to unite representatives from twelve disparate, and often competing, health plans to garner consensus on value, scope, and launch plans for products that address some of the industry’s most pressing administrative challenges.

Our Approach

crankfrog established and conducted standing conference meetings with each member organization to understand individual concerns and allow for follow-up on relevant action items. We defined a year-long calendar of multi-day, on-site meetings for group exploration of solution options, opportunities to resolve design and implementation issues, and development of national roll-out schedules. crankfrog produced material for meetings, including background reading and presentations, facilitated the meetings, led breakout sessions to stimulate group interaction, and managed all administrative functions related to minutes, action items and “parking lot” follow-up items.


The workgroup has convened for 5 years under crankfrog’s facilitation and continues to meet on a regular basis. The active participant engagement and intense focus on the healthcare industry has become a strategic lever for the not-for-profit’s operating model.

Through successful consensus building in this setting, crankfrog assisted the not-for-profit in developing and implementing several industry-wide solutions that address costly inefficiencies within the healthcare industry, including:

  • An industry leading national solution for collecting provider data to support provider credentialing;
  • A multi-stakeholder solution for identifying overlapping medical coverage, supporting over 130 million members;
  • A common Primary Source Verification solution to reduce credentialing inefficiencies.