crankfrog is a boutique technology strategy and product development consulting firm that chips away at solving complicated, unstructured problems. Our work focuses on the intersection between payers and providers in the healthcare industry, blurring the line between business and technology. We emphasize an innovation-centric methodology to help clients identify, plan, and deliver impactful solutions.

Our Story

The first question we usually get is – where did the name crankfrog come from?

We started with a simple mission – tackle the hardest of problems and develop actionable recommendations quickly. We embrace the things that usually get avoided, pushed to the side of the desk or have not yet been solved – these are the ‘frogs.’ It is originally based off of an old quote from Mark Twain, that suggests to address the tough problems first. Most people avoid the frogs because they are tough, and instead focus on working through the easier tasks that might not have as much value, but provide satisfaction in crossing items off a list. At crankfrog, we take the biggest issues and crank on problems until we solve them.

Our resources come from a variety of backgrounds that include expertise in payer and provider disciplines, information technology, and management consulting, but have one thing in common – they all are ready to step up to the challenges that the current state of healthcare poses for our country. We have a range of ability to discuss business strategy at the board level, as well as technical implementation issues with development staff. We work tirelessly as a trusted partner to our clients, focusing on solving their most critical needs.